Author: Rick Carter

From Big Blue to BlockChain

Blockchain is all about rethinking how business is done in a Trust based sharing economy. As such every would be entrepreneur must understand the capabilities and possibilities of these technologies ASAP. But they must first master the Creativity, the Leadership and the true Passion to succeed that the pioneers showed because it is never all about the money – It should be all about what the money can do. 

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So you want to be Tech Entrepreneur – Make a sale

If you want to prove you have got something the market wants, get yourself a customer willing to pay real money before you invest your hard earned time and money in a project that you think worthwhile, advises A Blockchain Factory Ringmaster Rick Carter. To my amazement most of the people in the room including my boss put their hand up and signed on the dotted line…. In the late 70s I was a very young up and coming Analyst/Programmer in the DP Department at Chrysler Australia. Among the 3 systems I had some responsibility for was payroll…. an...

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It’s about Trust: Changing Culture and Mindset in the adoption of Blockchain

Rick Carter from A Blockchain Factory explains how we find ourselves on the cusp of a “new internet” – an internet of value. Blockchain technology is offering big things for businesses… Potentially. Just over 20 years ago, Business saw the future of the Internet as limited and in many ways irrelevant to the Business world. This quote from an article by a well respected journalist in Newsweek Magazine is typical of the skepticism at the time: Visionaries see a future of telecommuting workers, interactive libraries and multimedia classrooms. They speak of electronic town meetings and virtual communities. Commerce and...

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