Author: Ilenna Copley

Cinderblock Chapter Three: Government

In concluding her briefing, Cinderella’s high regard for Estonia was sealed with whipped cream and a cherry on the top.  As she considered with growing enthusiasm the immense appeal of taking out e-Residency from the comfort of her conservatory while wearing Ugg slippers (her preferred slipper of choice nowadays), she was greatly heartened at the further opportunities for her children, given Estonia’s commitment that by 2020 all study materials will be digitised and available through an online e-schoolbag.

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CinderBlock CHAPTER 1: A True Tale of Why You Need to Know About Blockchain

Once upon a time, a beautiful young woman named Cinderella married Prince Charming and, so we are told, lived happily ever after. Yet what would have been the next part of her story, after their wedding, if Cinderella had been rescued from her slavery only 10 years ago? Perhaps it is this. The mice who had been her friends swiftly introduced her to their electronic cousin mouse, which enabled Cinderella to become a voracious reader, devouring information and attaining great knowledge of world events, technology, commerce, the environment and social awareness. With an inquisitive and naturally intelligent mind, in...

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